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Scheduled Speaking Engagements
November 22, 2014
  Bucharest, Romania
SPONSOR: Totul despre Mame
EVENT: parenting lectures
FOR MORE INFO: +40 21 312 4826
December 03, 2014
  Scituate, MA
SPONSOR: Inly School
EVENT: evening talk for parents & teachers
FOR MORE INFO: (781) 545-5544 x130
December 09, 2014
  Brooklyn, NY
SPONSOR: Barkai Yeshivah
EVENT: evening lecture for parents & teachers
January 07, 2015
  Redwood City, CA
SPONSOR: Speakers for Parents in Coop. Ed.
EVENT: evening talk on parenting
January 08, 2015
  Palo Alto, CA
EVENT: evening lecture about parenting
FOR MORE INFO: (650) 223-8664
May 12, 2015
  Wellesley, MA
SPONSOR: Wellesley Mothers' Forum
EVENT: evening talk about parenting
FOR MORE INFO: (781) 608-2245
June 22, 2015
  Las Vegas
SPONSOR: Developmental Resources
EVENT: keynote Innovative Schools Summit
FOR MORE INFO: (800) 251-6805
Additional presentations will be posted as they are confirmed.

For more information about booking Alfie Kohn for a lecture or workshop, please Contact Us.

To inquire about attending one of the lectures listed on this page, please call the phone number that corresponds to it.

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