Twenty-first Century Skills? It Depends What You Mean…

About a year ago, I was invited to write a chapter for an education anthology on the subject of “21st-century skills.” I replied as follows: “To be perfectly honest, I’m never sure what’s meant by the phrase ’21st century’ when it’s used as a modifier for ‘skills,’ ‘standards,’ or ‘schooling.’ The stuff that interests me, such as . . . (Read More)

When “21st-Century Schooling” Just Isn’t Good Enough: A Modest Proposal (#)

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION February 2009 When “21st-Century Schooling” Just Isn’t Good Enough:  A Modest Proposal By Alfie Kohn Many school administrators, and even more people who aren’t educators but are kind enough to offer their advice about how our field can be improved, have emphasized the need for “21st-century schools” that teach “21st-century skills.”  But is this really enough, particularly now ... Read More