Grade Inflation Sources

Grade Inflation Sources ARE GRADES ACTUALLY GOING UP?   College -- Clifford Adelman, “A’s Aren’t That Easy,” New York Times, May 17, 1995, p. A19 – describes a five-year study of “the records of 21,000 students from more than 3,000 universities, community colleges, and trade schools” that found “grades actually declined slightly in the last two decades.”  Original source:  The New College Course ... Read More

The Costs of Overemphasizing Achievement (**)

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR November 1999 The Costs of Overemphasizing Achievement By Alfie Kohn Only extraordinary education is concerned with learning; most is concerned with achieving: and for young minds, these two are very nearly opposite.                                                                                                                                                   -- Marilyn French I.      Common sense suggests we should figure out what our educational goals are, then check in periodically to see how successful we ... Read More