“Helicopter Parenting” Hysteria

SALON September 4, 2015 "Helicopter Parenting" Hysteria The Epidemic That Actually Isn't By Alfie Kohn Parents who are overly involved in the lives of their college-age children are the folks we love to scorn. A steady stream of articles and blog posts bristle with indignation over dads who phone the dean about a trivial problem or moms who know more ... Read More

Spoiled Rotten — A Timeless Complaint (commentary)

WASHINGTON POST July 18, 2010 Spoiled Rotten -- A Timeless Complaint By Alfie Kohn [This is an expanded version of the published article, which appeared in the Post’s Sunday “Outlook” section.] Pour lire cet article en français, cliquer ici. If the subject is kids and how they’re raised, it seems our culture has exactly one story to tell.  Anyone who reads newspapers, ... Read More