How Wisconsin Parents Worked to Roll Back High Stakes Testing

FairTest Examiner Summer 1999, pp. 10-11 How Wisconsin Parents Worked to Roll Back High Stakes Testing The following is a summary of an interview with Meredith Scrivner of Advocates for Education of Whitefish Bay, Inc., (AFE). Growing out of a successful community organizing effort to pass a school finance referendum, AFE became active at the local and state level on ... Read More

Students Don’t “Work”–They Learn (*)

EDUCATION WEEK September 3, 1997   Students Don't "Work"--They Learn By Alfie Kohn September is a new beginning, a time for fresh starts. Consider, then, a resolution that you and your colleagues might make for this school year: From now on, we will stop referring to what students do in school as "work." Importing the nomenclature of the workplace is ... Read More

Turning Learning Into A Business: Concerns About ‘Quality Management’ at School (*)

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP September 1993 Turning Learning Into A Business Concerns About "Quality Management" at School By Alfie Kohn Every few years a new idea captures the imagination of educators and suddenly seems to be everywhere at once.  The journals are filled with breathless accounts of its importance, a cadre of consultants materializes to offer workshops and trainings, and a new ... Read More

Competition vs. Excellence

NEW YORK TIMES April 26, 1991 Competition vs. Excellence By Alfie Kohn Even before we examine each provision of President Bush’s new proposal to make our educational system more competitive, we should challenge the premise of his plan. The trouble with our schools is that they are already much too competitive. The very word “competitiveness,” lately a favorite of educators, economists, ... Read More

Caring Kids: The Role of the Schools (*)

PHI DELTA KAPPAN March 1991 Caring Kids The Role of the Schools By Alfie Kohn "Education worthy of the name is essentially education of character," the philosopher Martin Buber told a gathering of teachers in 1939.(1) In saying this, he presented a challenge more radical and unsettling than his audience may have realized. He did not mean that schools should ... Read More