Stop!: An Analysis of Boston Driving

BOSTON MAGAZINE September 1985 Stop! An Analysis of Boston Driving By Alfie Kohn What you’ve always suspected is absolutely true.  Boston is the most dangerous U.S. city in which to drive.  One in five insured Boston drivers put in a claim for collision in 1983.  The runner-up was New York City, where the rate was a paltry one in eight. You can … Read More

What’s Up, Doc?

BOSTON MAGAZINE December 1984 What’s Up, Doc? Real, Live Family Practitioners By Alfie Kohn Dr. Manuel Lowenhaupt strides into the examining room and sticks out his hand.  “Nice to meet you.  I think I know the rest of your family.”  Nineteen-year-old Brenda Wilkins (a pseudonym, as are all patients’ names in this article) gives a perfunctory greeting and launches into … Read More