Caring Kids: The Role of the Schools (*)

PHI DELTA KAPPAN March 1991 Caring Kids The Role of the Schools By Alfie Kohn "Education worthy of the name is essentially education of character," the philosopher Martin Buber told a gathering of teachers in 1939.(1) In saying this, he presented a challenge more radical and unsettling than his audience may have realized. He did not mean that schools should ... Read More

Do Religious People Help More? Not So You’d Notice

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY December 1989 Do Religious People Help More? Not So You'd Notice By Alfie Kohn [This is a slightly expanded version of the published article.]  In a society that teaches us to associate morality with religion, it is easy to assume that a strong relationship exists between piety and pity, between God and good. After all, the sacred texts of ... Read More

Altruism Within Egoism (Book Review)

THE NATION May 29, 1989 Altruism Within Egoism By Alfie Kohn Review of: PASSIONS WITHIN REASON: The Strategic Role of the Emotions By Robert H. Frank.  Norton.  304 pp. Also discussed in this review: ECONOMICS FOR A CIVILIZED SOCIETY.  By Greg Davidson and Paul Davidson. Norton.  213 pp. THE MORAL DIMENSION: Toward a New Economics.  By Amitai Etzioni. Free Press.  ... Read More