Mind Over Matter: Inside the Christian Science Church

NEW ENGLAND MONTHLY March 1988 Mind Over Matter Inside the Christian Science Church By Alfie Kohn A young man at the back of the room stands up, his pink shirt sleeves rolled back from his wrists, and everyone turns around to see him and hear his story.  He describes how he awoke in the middle of the night several years … Read More

Risking the Wind

NEW ENGLAND MONTHLY January 1987 Risking the Wind By Alfie Kohn They checked the weather forecast Friday morning because they always checked the forecast before a trip.  When you take a 50‑footer all the way out to Georges Bank to catch lobster, you had better know what the seas are going to be like.  Once you get far enough away … Read More

To Forget Is Human; To Forgive, Tragic

NEW ENGLAND MONTHLY April 1986 To Forget Is Human; To Forgive, Tragic By Alfie Kohn “Meredith can breath[e] again” was how the local newspaper, the Meredith, N.H. News, put it in a front page editorial on March 1, 1951.  “Meredith can indeed feel fortunate that an old established firm with an outstanding record of…excellent working conditions chose this community…”   Meredith Linen … Read More

Dialing for Dollars

NEW ENGLAND MONTHLY July 1985 Dialing for Dollars By Alfie Kohn It was a nice spread of cold cuts and potato salad, and it was meant as a celebration.  In a single week, members of the Audubon Society had been persuaded over the telephone to cough up almost $300,000.  Now, on a Sunday afternoon, some of the people who had … Read More