Trophy Fury: What’s Behind Claims that Kids Are Coddled and Overcelebrated?

NEW YORK TIMES May 4, 2014 Trophy Fury What's Behind Claims that Kids Are Coddled and Overcelebrated? By Alfie Kohn [This is an expanded version of the published article, which was titled "Do Our Kids Get Off Too Easy?" and adapted from The Myth of the Spoiled Child.] The last time I checked, a web search for the phrases "everyone gets ... Read More

Amor Parental Con Limitaciones

NEW YORK TIMES 15 de septiembre 2009 Amor Parental Con Limitaciones Por Alfie Kohn [Ésta es una versión algo más extensa del artículo publicado bajo el nombre “When a Parent's 'I Love You' Means 'Do as I Say'" (Cuando el “te quiero” de los padres significa “hazlo como te decimos”). Para conocer en mayor profundidad el tema que aquí se trata, lea el libro o vea el DVD titulado Unconditional Parenting (Crianza Incondicional).]   ... Read More

Against “Competitiveness” (#)

EDUCATION WEEK September 19, 2007 Against “Competitiveness” Why Good Teachers Aren’t Thinking About the Global Economy By Alfie Kohn Here are some phrases that might reassure us if they were used to defend a particular education policy:  “excitement about learning” . . . “deeper thinking about questions that matter” . . .  “promoting social and moral development” . . . ... Read More

Parrot Math

“Hey, if it was bad enough for me, it’s bad enough for my kids”: Many of us cheerfully acknowledge that we’ve always hated math or were never any good at it.  In the next breath, though, we may insist that our children be taught the same way we were – with an emphasis on memorizing . . . (Read More)

For Best Results, Forget the Bonus

NEW YORK TIMES October 17, 1993 For Best Results, Forget the Bonus By Alfie Kohn "Do this and you'll get that." These six words sum up the most popular way in which American business strives to improve performance in the workplace.  And it is very popular. At least three of four American corporations rely on some sort of incentive program. ... Read More