Incentives and Health Promotion

Incentives and Health Promotion: What Do the Data Really Say? by Alfie Kohn For a comprehensive review of research showing that rewards in general tend to diminish intrinsic interest as well as quality of performance, please see Punished by Rewards. The two specific issues on which most research in the field of health promotion has been conducted are effects on smoking … Read More

What Waiting for a Second Marshmallow Doesn’t Prove (##)

EDUCATION WEEK September 10, 2014 S’More Misrepresentation of Research What Waiting for a Second Marshmallow Doesn’t Prove By Alfie Kohn [This article, which was published in Education Week under the title “The Deferred Gratification Myth,” is adapted from The Myth of the Spoiled Child, which contains references to the relevant research.] Traditional schooling isn’t working for an awful lot of students.  We can respond to that … Read More