Cash Incentives Won’t Make Us Healthier (#)

USA TODAY May 21, 2009 Cash Incentives Won't Make Us Healthier By Alfie Kohn [This is an expanded version of the published article. Click here for a 1-hour audio presentation by Kohn on this topic.] In its first salvo at reforming health care, Congress is reportedly considering legislation that would do two things:  help employers to set up wellness programs and encourage ... Read More

The Case Against Gold Stars

PARENTS MAGAZINE October 1993 The Case Against Gold Stars By Alfie Kohn Call it the "gold-star syndrome." Sometimes we paste stars on a chart. At other times we offer toys or extra TV, candy or cash, pizza or special privileges. We reward kids for doing what we want instead of punishing them for disobeying. Pull out a child-care book at ... Read More