How to Create Nonreaders (#)

Autonomy-supportive teachers seek a student’s initiative…whereas controlling teachers seek a student’s compliance.

                                                                                                       — J. Reeve, E. Bolt, & Y. Cai
Not that you asked, but my favorite Spanish proverb, attributed to the poet Juan Ramón Jiménez, can be translated as follows:  “If they give you lined paper, write the other way.”  In keeping with this general . . . (Read More)

Twenty-first Century Skills? It Depends What You Mean…

About a year ago, I was invited to write a chapter for an education anthology on the subject of “21st-century skills.” I replied as follows: “To be perfectly honest, I’m never sure what’s meant by the phrase ’21st century’ when it’s used as a modifier for ‘skills,’ ‘standards,’ or ‘schooling.’ The stuff that interests me, such as . . . (Read More)