Corridor Wit: Talking Back to Our Teachers

EDUCATION WEEK September 28, 2011 Corridor Wit Talking Back to Our Teachers By Alfie Kohn L’esprit de l’escalier (staircase wit) is a French expression for the devastating riposte, the perfect comeback, that occurs to you only after the party is over, on the way up to bed.  But I, for one, spent a lot more time sitting in classrooms as a ... Read More

Teachers Describe the Harms of Test-Driven School Reform

To understand the true impact of raise-the-bar, close-the-gap “school reform” – the type demanded by corporate executives, imposed by politicians of both parties, and celebrated by pundits – you need to hear from the people who spend their days in real classrooms. Never mind that no credible evidence has ever shown that children benefit from high-stakes testing, . . . (Read More)

Teachers Who Refuse to Hand Out the Tests

What if they gave a test and nobody came? Or what if all the students came, but the teachers refused to give them a test? The civil rights movement succeeded not only because good laws were eventually passed (mandating desegregation) but because ordinary people refused to obey bad laws. Rather than just complaining about policies . . . (Read More)